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Dedicated to Professionalism and Excellence in Education and Training

The mission of Safe & Secure: Schools and Industries is to provide the most current and reliable information available to our clients to assist them in becoming drug, weapon and violence free.


Our agency was established in 1992 and has conducted thousands of trainings across the United States. We can provide the best on-site accredited training for your local police department, school district, business, and/or community group. Trainings can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school or business. We offer 2, 4, and 8 hour sessions on many of the listed topics. Many of these presentations are condensed versions of graduate classes that were researched, written and developed by the instructor for nationally accredited universities. Flexible hours are available, including nights and weekends.

Personal Safety

Street Gangs and Violence

Satanism and the Occult

Dangerous Cults

Drug Use and Abuse in Schools

Critical Incident Management

Reducing School Violence

Suicide Intervention

Violence in the Workplace

School Shootings

Hostage Negotiations
Hostage Incident / Barricaded Gunman

Hate Groups

Raves and Club Drugs

School Law

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Video Game Violence

Threat Assessment

Alcohol and DUI

Security Threat Groups

Violence in the Media

Rampage Killers

Terrorism in Schools 

Bombs and Explosives

Extremist Groups

Officer Safety

Interview and Interrogation

Hidden Weapons

Guaranteed to be the best training available or it's absolutely free !

Are you looking for realistic, practical accredited in-service training for your school district, accredited medical training for your paramedics or emergency room personnel or tried and tested training for your Police or Correction Officers. Ed’s classes have been accredited and certified by several accrediting agencies throughout the United States. All trainings contain the most reliable and up to date information available in the field. With of 99% satisfaction ratings, we guarantee reliability and quality.

Your lead Instructor is Edward Bachert. Ed has over 25 years in the  Criminal Justice field.  He has worked as a Corrections Officer in a maximum security prison, a Corporate Security Officer for a fortune 500 hundred company and as a Police Officer with a large metropolitan Police Department.  Ed recently retired from the Allentown (PA) Police Department as the Assistant to the Chief of Police and Assistant Commander of the Emergency Response Team / Hostage Negotiation Unit, and is currently a Professor at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.  Ed has trained thousands of teachers, health care workers and Police Officers from across the Country.  He speaks regularly at many high profile State and National Conferences on a wide variety of topics.  He is currently on staff at several Universities, numerous Municipal Police Academies, and approximately ten Educational Intermediate Units across Pennsylvania.  Ed has written and developed curriculum for the PA Department of Education, PA Department of Health, the Municipal Police Officers Training Commission, several Universities, and numerous School Districts.  Ed has attended over 300 police related schools, is a graduate of the PA State Corrections Academy, the Allentown Police Academy, and has a BS in Business Administration and an MPA from Kutztown University and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph’s University.

For detailed information containing goals and objectives, scheduling availability, and program cost, please contact Ed at:

Company Address:

    234 Kellington Drive
    Wind Gap, PA

    Phone/Fax: 610.614.1111

    Cell:  484.274.5716


Special Thanks to my mentors, colleagues, and brother warriors:  


Louis Savelli - New York City PD

Wes Daily - Suffolk County Police Department (NY)

Louis Jordon - National Concerned Officers Association

Larry Heinzelman - Allentown Police Department

Bob Lombardo - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Matt McDonald - Philadelphia PD / MAGLOCLEN

Ron Holvey - New Jersey Department of Corrections

Mike Lewis - MSP / Wicomico County Sheriff (MD)

Greg Harlin - NYSP / MAGLOCLEN

R. Dane Merryman - PA State Police / Allentown Police

Dr. James Leiding - East Stroudsburg University

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman - Killology Research Group

Det. John Crumby - Nashville (TN) Police Department






God Bless America and God Bless the Brave men and women of our Armed Forces !!! 


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